Scalp Micro-pigmentation Before & After

Hair Ink is proud to share a selection of our clientbefore and after pictures from their treatment with us. These are genuine before and after pictures of Scalp Micro Pigmentation taken from clients that have received treatment at our London treatment centre. Please see below real photos of our clients, taken from treatments such as HPT Shaven Head, HPT Scar Camouflage and HPT Scalp Camouflage, for both Men and Women.


What Should you Look for?

We have provided photos from a variation of our treatments. This should help you select what treatment would suit you best. Look for photos that align with your skin tone, current hair colour and treatment you are interested in.


Hair-Ink Reviews & Testimonials

Feel free to also check out our Scalp Micro Pigmentation reviews here. We have received a 5.0 out of 5.0 score on Google reviews. We understand that customer testimonials, reviews and images are important in your Scalp Micro Pigmentation journey. Should you have any other questions please contact us here.

HPT® Shaven Head

HPT® Male Scalp Camouflage

HPT® female scalp camouflage

HPT® Scar Camouflage